Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Filmmakers, animators, website designers, photographers, students as well as adults: DigiFest South entry date July 25

DigiFest South, Shreveport

While DigiFest South might slam the audience with lights and sound in a mofo concert or show you a starburst of refracted lights at the showcase site, artists should be aware that there is a place for numerous art entries under the DigiFest umbrella.

Artists are encouraged to enter by July 25 in - art films
- animation
- interactive / website / app
- digital photography
- architecture / drafting

There is a $25 fee per entry.

High school students will be judged separately from college students who are likewise separately judged from adult artists.

Digifest 2015 will take place Sept 16 - 18, says Bridgette Lee, Community Development Coordinator for Bossier Arts Council, the creators of DigiFest South. More at 318-741-8310.

DigiFest South 2013, Bossier Arts Council: Raffaele Scaduto Mendola

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