Sunday, December 14, 2014

Successful diplomat Robert Oakley was raised in Shreveport; deceased this week at age 83

U.S. Forces in Somalia - Department of Defense Joint Combat Camera Center DD-SD-00-00755

In a major NY Times obituary, Shreveport-raised foreign service man Robert B. Oakley was celebrated for success in difficult negotiations.

"Robert B. Oakley, a blunt-spoken career diplomat who was known for successfully handling some of the world’s prickliest situations, including the capture of an American pilot by Somali militiamen in 1993 in what became known as the “Black Hawk Down” crisis, died on Wednesday," wrote Douglas Martin.

He grew up in Shreveport and attended Southfield School. His mother, Josephine "Jody" B. Oakley, "was a founder of one of the first all-female realty firms in Shreveport," said Talbot Hopkins. "Her company was Oakley Wise and Talbot."

The Washington Post obituary on Oakley.

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