Saturday, December 27, 2014

Free spirits: Lightnin' Bugs' Shreveport House Concert show at 1508 Fairfield on Sun, Dec 28, sold out

Gay, Guynes, Brogan: Lightnin' Bugs

The Lightnin Bugs would never proclaim themselves a hippie band. They're too down home for such airs and labels. But Tim Brogan, Bruce Gay and Randy Guynes are quintessential free spirits. They make music to animate the community's feet and heart. For years they've been unselfconsciously devoting themselves to the countercultural way of life, the pursuit of the folk artistic ethic.

That low-key, artistic vibe has sold out their Shreveport House Concerts show at 1508 Fairfield on Sun, Dec 28, 7 - 9 pm. Said Alan Dyson, "We've got 119 reservations. And we have 120 seats."

A salsa version of "If I Only had a Brain," is typical of their covers. "We do a swamp style "Your cheatin' heart," added Bruce Gay. "We do a reggae version of Randy Newman's 'Louisiana,' too, but nothing we do is really a cover. And 70% of what we play we wrote ourselves."

Joining the trio on keyboard will be Michael Raspberry. There will certainly be additional musicians sitting in at random moments.

There will be a hat on a mic stand, stage right, indicating the loss of long-time trombone player Dunny Gilyard. He passed away this past year. "He was a soulful, deep-hearted player who knew exactly what to play and where to put the horn in a tune," said Gay. "Dunny was self-effacing and low key but he brought depth, heart and richness to the Bugs. We miss him."

Cornelius Dunny Gilyard, Shreveport

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