Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bite the water on Wall St: Hydrogen Child and Royal Teeth at Strange Brew on Fri, Dec 26

Ansley Hughes / Super Water Sympathy, Chicky's Boom Boom Room, Shreveport

Hydrogen Child was Super Water Sympathy for a couple of albums but what's in a name, you ask. Does Ansley Hughes Rimmer still hit every note and wail like her butt's on fire? Indeed. Check their kangarooey video for "Sirens."

The show at Strange Brew on Fri, Dec 26, will be a night for musical anthropologists, since telling these two bands apart on their recordings is not easy. Fans can tell them apart. Otherwise, you'd have to ask how in the hell did Louisiana germinate two top pop bands that sound like the musicians were born in recording studio nurseries?

Royal Teeth claims roots in Lafayette, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. Their counterpart to Ansley is singer Nora Patterson. Alongside hoppy frontman-guitarist Gary Larsen. See their "Wild."

Regardless of the swimmy similarities be aware that the well-honed pop power of these groups is equally redoubtable. Both bands want you to take you to danstasy. To fill your ears and bubbly brain with slightly tangy chocolate.

Beware their cosmoparallelism.

9 pm open with Emily Kopp; 10 bucks.

Royal Teeth

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