Monday, November 24, 2014

Oil Pollution Awareness Month in Louisiana? Yes; listen to testimony in Columbia Park, Shreveport, at 2 pm, Mon, Nov 24

Across the Bayou Oil State people are mobilizing to find a compromise between the interests of big oil - and the checks written to a huge part of the Louisiana population - and the interests of the environment - especially in regards coming generations.

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, GreenARMY, Captain Planet, and Louisiana Progress Action are hosting a gathering in Columbia Park on Mon, Nov 24, at 2:00 PM, to speak to the environmental abuses caused by oil producers. Interestingly, Mayor Cedric Glover issued a proclamation for the city of Shreveport recognizing November as Oil Pollution Awareness month, says Frances Kelley.

"The Louisiana Bucket Brigade will release a Calumet Accident Report detailing accident numbers for 2013 to Shreveport residents concerned about the impacts of pollution on their air and health. Community members will rally demanding greater industry accountability and political action to protect the environment. Citizens will also ask for greater investment by Louisiana in clean energy to protect the health of communities and the climate," says Kelley.

Oil Pollution Awareness Month (OPAM) comprises a series of events in several cities around the state to highlight the economic, health, and environmental impacts of oil pollution.

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