Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Critical Manners: casual bicycle ride through tree-lined East Shreveport on Fri, Sept 26, 7 pm

Scores of local bicyclists will roll - casually - at 7 pm from Columbia Park on Fri, Sept 26, says Stephen Pederson of SBC Bike Social. As potential bikers can see from the map above, it is a picturesque, historic, tree-lined ride. In case a rider or riders want to drop out at any point, no one will think any less of you.

Shreveport Critical Manners, like the global Critical Mass ride sans the political protest, has drawn some 50 riders lately. The pace is slow enough to chat bike-to-bike. People who have accidents are helped and waited upon. There are rest breaks. Btw, riders gather at Columbia Park at 6:30 for meet and greet.

More at Shreveport Critical Manners.

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