Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy: on the relevance of the "Conversations on Criticism" symposium Aug 6 - 9 at Artspace Shreveport

Students, teachers, businessmen, scientists and spies: all should be aware of the importance of the symposium being presented by Shreveport Regional Arts Council on Aug 6 - 9. It is "Conversations On Criticism: the future of intelligent writing on the arts."

For a moment, drop the word "arts." Is this not a symposium applicable to all who care about criticism, dialogue and intelligent writing?

Is critical writing a concern of a micronority? In terms of democracy and development of a society of broad competence, criticism and arts writing is not a trivial concern. It is not solely for the arts-minded.

These discussions are the local equivalent of TED Talks or Aspen Society seminars.

Need I press my case at greater length?

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