Thursday, August 14, 2014

A changing Shreveport: leisurely group bike ride from Columbia Park to Twisted Root Burgers on Fri, Aug 15, 7 pm.

Wanting to try biking on the streets of Shreveport but looking for an easy way to get started? If so, consider joining a leisurely street ride on the route above, through tree-lined and bike-friendly East Shreveport. It's one of a series of rides being initiated by the SBC Bike Social, a like-minded if diverse group who communicate via the SBC Bike Social page on Facebook. It's the same group that does the end-of-the-month mass ride called Critical Manners, which has been organized by Stephen Pederson and Regan Horne. Darras Lattier has stepped forward to plan this Fri, Aug 15, ride. The group meets at Columbia Park between 6:30 and 7 pm. The ride, according to Google maps, is about 30 mins, about 5.4 miles. Says Lattier, "Come ride with us through the beautiful landscapes of the Highland and Spring Lake neighborhoods on a road which ends at Twisted Root Burger Co! Group biking is fun (and we'd like to say exercise too), but remember to Stay Hydrated (with beer). Ride how you like whether it's "your 1st time" or if you're a seasoned vet. This is a ride that's slow, fast, safe, craazy, cruising or just come newb it out and be social-like. Oh, and 1 more thing...biking is totally so much fun when there's Free Beer. That's right, a #shrimpdog over at Twisted Root is sharing the love of his wide selection of brews for cyclists who ride with the group." One more thing: "Have lights? You should. Don't have lights? Stay close to someone who does." Or have someone with a capacious vehicle pick you up when you're done.

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