Wednesday, August 06, 2014

If you missed performances of the New Orleans Airlift project called Calanthean Canyon, get one Thurs night, 6 pm, plus more on Texas Ave

Shreveport Common puts it out there on Thurs night, Aug 7, to show what recent artists have wrought, says Pam Atchison.

5:30, check a tour of the freshly hot Municipal Auditorium (Ray Lamontagne performing Oct 26; opening is Belle Brgade) featuring singer Brenda Wimberly performing in the balcony.

6 pm, a tour of the New Orleans Airlift Calanthean Canyon village featuring Pete Fetterman.

6:30, a performance on Steve Olson's Skateable Sculpture by Luther Cox Jr. and Inter City Row Modern Dance Company.

7:10 the trio Twang Darkly performs their new album, Martian Archeology, at Central ArtStation.

Food trucks, appetizers, wine and beer.

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