Thursday, April 03, 2014

Who is Theresa Andersson and why is she headlining The Big Scene, Texas Ave, Shreveport, on Sat, Ap 12?

Better known in Sweden and New Orleans than in Shreveport, where she currently resides, Theresa Andersson is a singer-multi-instrumentalist at the highest order of musicality. Her voice is rich, whether in high or low register. She routinely and magically sings 3 or more parts of harmony with herself. Andersson uses loopers to multi-track her vocals as well as her drumming and guitar.

To hear Andersson begin one of her songs with a hard-hitting drum beat is to know you're going to have a good time. When she adds violin and guitar to the mix the audience anticipation builds - I've been in her audience several times. And when she begins to add voices, this Swedish native makes smiles happen all across the crowd.

As a song writer - her latest album is "Street Parade" and is nonpareil - she is both poppy and artful. Airing several of her Youtube videos for a group of teens recently I was impressed at how tuned in they became.

Her husband, Arthur Mintz, is the creator of the puppet version of The Fantastic Mr Fox, a hit in both New Orleans and at Artspace Shreveport in 2011. It is clear from her videos that they enjoy working together and cross-cutting snazzy ideas and audacious constructions.

There's no telling what to expect from Andersson on Sat, Ap 12, aside from smart pop that is danceable and mesmerizing. It is expected that she is unveiling a new show. In later April she will be performing in her adopted home of New Orleans and will play Jazzfest on May 2. She has well-known Shreveport accomplices in dance maven Luther Cox and troupe and gospel-mighty Sereca Robinson Henderson. Adding visual spectacle will be painter and animation mensch Joe Bluhm.

Suffice to say that at 8 pm on Sat, Ap 12, I expect you to join me on Texas Ave for her show.

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