Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your portrait on the side of a Shreveport Common building: InSide/Out photo truck hits Shreveport Common Dec 13

Nadine JR

"You are the face of Shreveport Common."

Global Arts Team, InSide/Out, will be in Shreveport Common taking and posting photographs of Shreveport Common residents/clients on a building that can be seen as a “Gateway” into this historically rich neighborhood, says Casey Jones.

SRAC’s hope is to set up an appointment time dedicated to you and your family, friends, fans with the InSide/Out team. During this time your group would be photographed (individually) and (as willing) our team of professional storytellers/writers would gather your story.

Come to UnScene on Saturday, December 14, any time between noon and 6 pm; check in at the Central ArtStation; and let us get your Face photographed by the InSide / Out team. Or... if you can’t join in the Fun on Saturday, schedule an appointment for Fri, Dec 13. Please email if you would like to schedule an appointment on Fri, Dec 13.

In regards the photo above of artist Nadine Charity. In 2011 she sent her portrait to the French artist JR, initiator of the InSide/Out Project, and was sent the enlargement seen above. JR's only request was that it be posted somewhere in public. That was the beginning of 2 years of posting on the Beauty Supply Building and, as far as we know, the beginning of InSide/Out involvement with Shreveport.

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