Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once we communicated via bulletin boards and radio: both have survived, one on Texas St and one at 8675 Youree Dr, Shreveport

The Bucket List Blackboard above is a project by Megan Davis of Plain Dealing. Construction was supported by a grant from Shreveport Regional Arts Council.

Red River Radio, also a blackboard, if a sophisticated one, will serve a lot more people and do it all year long, all day and all night.

Yet there are not enough subsidies to keep this public radio station on the air without donations.
As a donor, allow me to testify that it feels good to support this outstanding radio service.

Tomorrow I will be one of many community supporters of KDAQ talking to you about how to make donations. Somehow we will gather enough money to keep her going.

Across the nation, across much of the world, public radio is being supported by people like you and me. It's a healthy situation, even in that it takes a bit of sacrifice to do the right thing.

Please listen and pledge. Here's more info.

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