Thursday, October 03, 2013

"The Hummingbird" and 19 additional short films: La Film Prize, Oct 3 -6, Shreveport

Using the fine arts as an economic engine is not a bad idea. After, it's part of the business life of cities like NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles.

Gregory Kallenberg, his team and numerous supporters, are trying to expand the film side of Shreveport business activity via This week, Oct 3 - 6, offers locals and visitors an opportunity to have fun by attending the movies offered by the hard-working LFP.

Expect a good bit of downtown hypery as the filmmakers of the top 20 films try to grab your attention during the weekend. If you feel a connection to them and like their movie, you'll vote for it. The viewer's vote is 50% of winning the $50,000 prize.

Watching two films from last year might be helpful in sizing up what to expect this year.

Phillip Jordan brooks, writer-director and actor ("Night of the Iguana," River City Rep) has "Ruby and the Dragon" this year. Last year he came within an ace of winning the prize with his noirish thriller, "This is a microphone."

Evan Falbaum, writer and director, has a film called "Clowns and Robbers" this year. Last year he made the top twenty with a thought-provoking tale, "The Human Experience."

They're short. Enjoy.

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