Friday, August 05, 2011

An Evening of Burlesque! 22nd Annual Auction Against AIDS

Traditionally known as the last big party of the summer, the Philadelphia Center’s Auction Against AIDS is guaranteed not only to tease, but also to please everyone who attends! An Evening of Burlesque will be the theme of the 2011 Auction to be held at the ELDORADO Resort and Casino, who is the title sponsor for the third year in a row. The day to mark on your calendar is August 6, 2011.

However, once again,The Philadelphia Center needs your help. In the past 2 years alone, funding for HIV prevention has been slashed state-wide. For the Philadelphia Center, this resulted in a loss of nearly $117,000 during that period of time. At the same time, Louisiana has now become #4 in the nation for new HIV infections. The funds generated through our Auction are used to cover program costs that state and federal sources no longer support

Entertainment for the evening will include the local troupe - Bon Temp Burlesque - and feature soloist from Tyler, Texas - Desdemona! (Melonye Grant)...

Check out The Phialdephia Center's Facebook photo albums for "teasers" of just a few of the fabulous trips, memorabellia, antiquest, art, and more up for auction this year.

TICKETS are available online at​/events

06 August · 18:00 - 22:30


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