Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deadtown, rockabilly & blues out of Austin, Tx, plays at FattyArbuckles Fri, Aug 19; singer is Shreveporter Julian Dossett

Julian Dossett grew up in Shreveport and became a spinner of tales behind guitar and mic.

His strengths are similar to those of his singer-guitarist dad, Stanton Dossett. Both have smoky if plaintive voices suited for singing stories in front of a band. In the case of Stanton, the band is Junior III.

The younger Dossett went to Austin to make his name and go to school. I'm not up on his schooling, but his band, Deadtown, is happening.

A reviewer at psycho.rockabilly-online said of their new CD: "“Deadtown” is one of the cornerstones of Austin’s growing post-psychobilly/metropabilly scene. A small number of bands who believe that tradition and evolution need not contradict each other. They’re also the first of the fore mentioned bands to get a CD out. It’s only six songs long, but it still manages to be a solid kick in pants, aimed squarely at critics of the Austin scene."

Catch them at Fatty's on Fri, Aug 19.

If you can swing dance you're in for a treat (this reviewer caught them at Artspace Shreveport on Th). The Deadtown swingin' steel guitar, humpin' bass and stingin' lead guitar over Julian's "hobo growl," equals a dance party.

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