Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10-piece chorale supports actress-singer Carolyn Bryant in musical biography, Mahalia, directed by Vincent Williams at Shreveport LittleTheater Th - Sat, Aug 11 - 13, at 7:30 pm

Mahalia, a musical tribute to the life of legendary singer Mahalaia Jackson, is being directed by Vincent Williams and performed at Shreveport Little Theater on Aug 11 - 13, 7:30 pm.

The cast -
Mahalia Jackson: Carolyn Bryant
Aunt Duke/Mildred Falls: Shaina Rogers
Cousin Fred/Thomas Dorsey/Martin Luther King/ Francis: Arlander Anderson

The Mahalia Jackson Chorale -
Tonya Carey- Galilee Baptist Church
Tony Caldwell- Magnolia Baptist Church
Tina Thrower- Shiloh Baptist Church
Rosie Hall- Faith Tabernacle
Princetta Barfield- Galilee Baptist Church
John Collins- Galilee Baptist Church
Joi Gibson Stone- Galilee Baptist Church
Jilma Gibson- Galilee Baptist Church
Jackie Sudds- Shady Grove Baptist Church
Clay Travers- Saint Rest Baptist Church

Director- Vincent Williams
Musician- Christopher Washington
Music Consultant- Hattie L. Wade
Multimedia- Mary Gafford Smith
Lighting- David White
Sound- Andre Downie
Makeup and Hair- Ashley Hall
Costumes- Shreveport Little Theatre
Set- Shreveport Little Theatre
Stage Manager- Darien Morgan
Voiceovers- Bill Sharpe, and Melva K. Turner

Box Office, 424-4439 or come by the box office at 812 Margaret Street - open weekdays from noon - 4 pm.

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