Monday, January 11, 2010

Romp & Stomp, the Chris Brown radio show on KSCL, 91.3 fm, will feature Shreveport's Sounds on Tues, Jan 12, 7 to 9 pm

Chris Brown's weekly show on KSCL fm 91.3 is called Romp & Stomp. He presents an all-Shreveport program annually, as befits his work as a historian who specializes in the music and musicians of Shreveport.

Here's a video preview of his Tues, Jan 12, program.

Shreveport Sounds: a sample of music associated with North Louisiana from robert trudeau on Vimeo.


Austin said...

Love the video Robert. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Shreveport in the sixties, does Chris ever feature any of the garage bands from the era