Sunday, January 17, 2010

David Egan & Twenty Years of Trouble at City Bar, corner of Youree & Kings, on Tues, Jan 19, Shreveport

" Check out my band, David Egan and Twenty Years of Trouble, at City Bar (adjacent to the old Murrell's) this Tuesday, 8:30 pm," says Egan from Lafayette.

Egan is proud to proclaim that it is a "Non-Smoking Event!!!"

And, he adds, the material will be "Heavy on originals, of course."

If you have waited to purchase his solo CD's, Twenty Years of Trouble and You Don't Know Your Mind, I can recommend them in the same sentence as beer and crawfish.

TYOT has tunes like Slingshots and Boomerangs, Fail, Fail, Fail and If She Calls. Bunch of the tunes co-written with Buddy Flett. YDKYM has Money's Farm and Best of Love Turned Blue as well as Bourbon in My Cup and Small Fry.

Both albums are rich of sound and melody. Totally recommendable.

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