Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kurosawa, Bergman: one night-only classics at RFC on evenings in June programmed by Chris Jay in homage to Joy's Quail Creek

Chris Jay, Shreveport
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Writes the Robinson Film Center's Chris Jay: I’m just sending out a few e-mails about an upcoming series of films starting June 1, to folks who may be interested – not just because of the films, but because of the idea behind programming them. I’m hosting a series of one night-only screenings in June, June 1 through June 29, featuring some classic films from the Janus Films archives. These are movies like Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI (June 1) and Ingmar Bergman’s WILD STRAWBERRIES (June 22).

The series was inspired by nostalgia for the classic art house movies that would screen at Joy’s Quail Creek during the Summer – I remember seeing films like THE RED SHOES there when I was 13 or 14, and it would be impossible to overstate the impact those nights at Joy’s had on me. I programmed this series in hopes that some aimless folks on Summer nights might trip over a great movie or two at the RFC, like I used to at Joy’s.

It’s not much along the lines of a tribute, but I’m going to be putting some free movie passes inside random popcorn bags the nights of these screenings, just like they used to do at Joy’s.

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Austin said...

"Quail Creek Cinema, Quail Creek Cinema - 808 Shreveport Barksdale Highway, right next door to Kinko's!"

Oh how many wonderful nights I spent listening to the wonderful messages on the Quail Creek Cinema showtime message machine! What was Joy going to show us tonight!