Thursday, May 07, 2009

Imagine an artist's community in the mostly empty historic downtown Ledbetter Heights district, says musician and visionary Ron Tarumbae Hardy

"The Ledbetter Heights Historic Entertainment District is an answer to Shreveport's need for a grass roots Arts District where creative energies can flourish in a non-conventional manner, thus creating a subculture which will be tomorrow's popular culture," says musician and activist Ron Hardy.

In a recent KTBS interview Hardy discussed his successes and his dreams. He has been effective with the neighborhood arts & education center that he created called Playaz & Playettes, Inc.

Specifically, he asked concerned citizens to light an Arts District fire under Mayor Glover by calling his office at 673-5050. That's also a number which will reach city councilmen, said Hardy.

He reminded listeners that "Shreveport is a pop culture/arts and craft town and it is smothering its true identity. That's because there is no place to express its own roots culture."

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