Sunday, February 08, 2009

Society's costume workshop 09 Sun, Feb 8, 1:30 to 5 pm, at Artspace

Please plan to bring all your own materials to the Blanc et Noir costume workshop on Sun, Feb 8. While everyone shares their glue, staples, felt and glitter, it is best to count on your own resources. The great sharing comes from ideas and skills. For instance, Jerry Davenport is a quick and expert letter painter, Stuart Orchard is a gifted letter cutter, etc.

The krewe is indebted to Tarama Davenport, who is education manager at Artspace. She has made arrangements for the session. By the way, Artspace manager Byron Gipson and staff member Zach Williams are also members of B & N.

The phone at Artspace is 673-6535.

Angie White, vp for Northwest Louisiana Economic Development Foundation (NLEDF) will bring a videographer to the workshop to capture some of the krewe's vibe for a promotional film about life in NW La. Ms White will also shoot the krewe jiving in the Krewe of Highland parade on Sun, Feb 22.

The workshop is the only true meeting of the krewe. Traditionally, we have the 12th Night meal and the costume workshop and the parade and c'est tout!

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HRA said...

We're looking forward to having y'all march in the Krewe of Highland parade.

In fact, we've featured some videos of your snappy krewe on our Highland Restoration Association blog