Sunday, February 15, 2009

Larry J and the Rogues: another find by music historian Chris Brown

Larry J and Rogues
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Chris Brown writes that the Times caption was: This sharp looking combo is known as Larry J and The Rogues, a group specializing in rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll and "soul" music. Kneeling, left, is Danny Beaudry, the drummer, while Larry J. Jetterson, the vocalist who also plays guitar and tambourine, kneels at right. In the back row, left to right, are Dino Zimmerman, lead and rhythm guitarist, Paul Morgan Jr., who also plays lead and rhythm guitar and does some singing, David Rowe, organist and pianist, and Larry Gordy, bass guitarist.

Shreveport Times circa 1967?


Unknown said...

Speaking of the tasty crispiness that is SB Land music - the current Oxford American Magazine features a couple of Shreveport connections in the set of groovin' CDs that come with the 10th Anniversary Music Issue... James Burton is playing with Elvis on "I Got a Woman" and you can lick "Fingertips" from The Residents.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone knew about the Rogues.......
maybe not Larry J so much, but Dino, Paul Morgan,David Rowe, and Shreveport Music's Larry Gordy......heck they won the Shreve City Battle of the Bands and were very popular.
Chris Brown has dug up some amazing artifiacts of this area's music, but I wouldnt call this a "find".
Chris Brown IS the best at what he does.
His CDs of Shreveport Music Heritage should be available for sale, or at least in libraries or something.
But it would take some grant money and a licensing expert to get some of them "available".
Everyone he puts out blows my mind.
-Alan Lomax

Unknown said...

Dino could truly play a guitar... now, who has a photo of the original Nomads with Joe Snelling? I ran across Joe's brother about a year ago at a garage sale in Highland and sadly, I was informed that Joe had passed away. The late John Troegel, he of playing with his teeth fame was also a great 1960s era guitarist in Shreveland. Larry Hall of the Lost Souls Showband was another strong lead guitarist out of Fair Park. Thanks for the photo of The Rogues.