Friday, August 08, 2008

Mayor Cedric Glover wants musicians' thoughts in town hall meet at Barnwell Center on Wed, Aug 13, 6 pm

"The Musicians' Forum sponsored by the City of Shreveport has been moved to Wed, August 13 at the Barnwell Center on the Riverfront," says Bruce Flett. "Mayor Cedric Glover and leaders of the music community will be there. All interested musicians should attend. Brady Blade, Jr will be there!"

Says Jay Bratlie of Dirtfoot: "Brady Blade and the City of Shreveport are holding a Musicians Town Hall meeting so locals in the music industry can meet each other and network. Anyone who works with music: players, sound guys, club owners, whoever, is invited."

"Dirtfoot will be performing a short set. Come take part in a meeting that will help build a core for future music industry work in this town."

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Anonymous said...

Is there an agenda set for the meeting or possibly a list of topics to be covered? I think it's great that Mayor Glover and Brady Blade are making this effort to meet those involved in this city's music industry.