Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gloria Gipson and Theater of the Performing Arts, Shreveport, to be honored by Southern Black Theater Festival, Sept 18 - 28

Gloria Gipson, Shreveport
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Mahogany Ensemble Theatre, says Angelique Feaster, will host the first Southern Black Theatre Festival, a cultural arts experience celebrating the tradition of African American theatre in the south. The two-weekend event will be held September 18-28. Activities will be held in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Minden, Louisiana.

This inaugural festival will pay tribute to the achievements of Louisiana natives—National Honoree, Douglas Turner Ward, dramatist, actor, and co-founder of the internationally acclaimed Negro Ensemble Company; and Regional Honoree, Gloria Gipson, founder and executive director of Theatre of the Performing Arts. This year’s national chair is Louisiana native and veteran Hollywood playwright Judi Ann Mason.

The Southern Black Theatre Festival will feature a host of activities for youth, adults, and families to enjoy. The Opening Festival Weekend (September 18th-September 20th) will feature a kick-off reception, celebration of Gloria Gipson and the Theater of the Performing Arts,, cultural films, workshops, and youth talent showcase. The Closing Festival Weekend (September 25th-28th) will feature live theatre, college one-act competitions, workshops, drama awards gala and after-party, national honoree celebration, and celebrity appearances.

Festival submissions are being accepted for plays, staged readings, youth talent performers, and workshop presenters. For deadlines or more information, call 318-745-2787, or visit


Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Angelique rocks!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Feaster is indeed a great asset to this community. I admire her drive, her fortitude and, most of all, her talent. But WHY do we need to segregate theatre into Black and White. Many black actors have been featured in many shows across the city. River City Rep just finished a production that prominently featured black actors including Margaret Avery, an Academy Award nominee. Shreveport Little Theatre has had black actors and black themed shows consistently. LSUS seems to be focused on opportunities for black actors. So why a festival that seperates what we're all trying to do? Imagine the uproar if Shreveport were to present a Caucasian Theatre Festival!! Seperating a group and thus "ghetto-izing" it does no one any good.

Anonymous said...

I have been associated with Shreveport theater for decades. I cannot, for the life of me, think of one thing Gloria Gipson has done. Not one single production stands out (has she even done any shows?), not one single contribution to the theatre community at-large stands out. We all have a duty to do more than just serve our immediate situation that will get us grant money. Where are the shows? Where are the projects? She's never been awarded any Times Drama Awards or Memory Awards simply because she's never produced anything of merit. This is all a scam and I feel sorry that someone who HAS contributed, Angelique Feaster, is associated with this bogus crap.

Anonymous said...

It's true. The only time you ever see Ms. Gipson's name is when she's receiving a grant for something that we never hear of again. With so many of our arts organizations struggling, shouldn't honors and grants be going to companies that have proven themselves and are a main stream part of the community. We live in a time where no longer just being black or white or a minority justifies a group or a person riding on the coat tails of political correctness.
Shouldn't Bobby Darrow or Patric McWilliams or Robert Alford be getting honors over Gloria Gipson? They have repeatedly featured black actors and presented productions that were comments on the black experience. When was the last time Ms. Gipson did that for a white focused character or situation?