Monday, February 14, 2005

Les Mis squeezes into the Strand Theater, Shreveport

Les Miserables, with a 36-person cast and orchestra of 18, is too big for the Strand Theater. So the Strand's Danny Fogger, general manager, and Penne Mobley, executive director, have gone to work with wire and tong to retrofit the venerable backstage area.

You can get a vivid look at why the company needs so much space via Jennifer Flowers extensive report for the Times. Flowers and photog Jessica Leigh trekked to St. Louis to watch the production in action.

Tickets are pricey but the promise of a groaning epic in the region's gem, the Strand Theater, is enticing. The show runs from Tues., Feb. 15, to Sun., Feb. 20.

Tickets are available, by the way, via the box office - 226-8555 - as well as online.


Anonymous said...

How was the show?

trudeau said...

Alas, we're seeing it Friday. Would love a review by someone else. NJ saw it and called it "an awesome production for little ol' Shrevesville."

trudeau said...

Sara Hebert, Centenary student and manager at KSCL said in her blog: "Les Mis was the freaking bomb dot com back slash your mom. I couldn't help but discuss the filmic elements of the blocking with Chris during intermission. I wonder when the turntable was introduced? Anyone know? I wonder what films were like then. The motion became so much more dynamic and dramatic. At times it almost seemed like your eyes had little zoom lenses that took you through a village following Valjean through its hub-bub."

trudeau said...

Holli Hennessey says, "It's as spectacular as the production we saw in London! And my husabnd Pat says it's as good as the production he saw in New York." - RT