Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tubbs Extreme King Cake

Tubbs Extreme King Cake
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One of the liveliest Carnival markets is in confections. It's the battle of the bakeries. "Oh, I've got King Cake from Bakery X!" "Not to worry," someone else might say; "I've got a fabulous King Cake from Bakery Y!"

Don Tubbs, proprietor of Tubbs Cajun Gifts, Bossier City, has been a student of Carnivalia for years. His cream-filled cake name is perhaps the catchiest in the region, befitting the dynamism of the marketplace: Tubbs Extreme King Cake.

Does that mean you can eat it while skateboarding or skydiving? Or does it mean that he's just trying Extreme-ly Hard to get your business?

Either way, the beneficiary is the King Cake customer. Bon appetit!

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