Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Temporary lapse of sanity: Krewe of Highland bead mavens

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"The 2005 Krewe of Highland parade will include all of Centaur's floats, all of Gemini's floats and all of ours," says parade founder Matthew Linn. "Better say 'most'," he added, "in case some don't show."
The Shreveport parade, he added, "starts moving at 2 pm sharp."

That means some ten jillion strands of beads will be tossed. Many of them will be handed back to the paradees a block later. Recycling is engendered by the presence of some 100 motley marching groups.

"Right now, tickets are available to the Krewe of Highland Masquerade Ball," said Linn. At the ball, Friday, Feb. 4, at 7:30, you can witness the fireworks as Queen Marsha Millican and King Tim Greening - the editor/author of News for Dumb Guys - are crowned. Anticipate celestial masking and fumaceous dancing to R & B singer Dorothy Prime. Miss Prime will be accompanied by piano pounder Steve Ramey and the Blues Jumpers. The ticket includes a considerable array of complimentary comfort food and a cash bar within the stylish walls of the Randall T. Moore mansion.

Tickets to the bal masque and more info: Krewe of Highand's 2005 Captain, Mary Brownfield or any board member. Always available is Columbia Cafe's Matthew Linn - 425-3862.

The parade is followed by the Carnival de Highland, a festival in Highland Park. Headlining the entertainment - from about 3:30 to sunset - will be Dorothy Prime and the Blues Jumpers.

See a parade map at the Highland Area Partnership site.

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Noma said...

I am saddened that the Highland Parade route has changed to accomodate all the big floats this year. In fact, it goes out of Highland this year, and into South Highland, which by the way, is NOT Highland. It goes by William Joyce's house. (Why don't we just give up and make him King? Heads will rolypolyoly.)

One of the reasons I bought my house was because of the parade route, unlike the whiners combatting bigger parades in Shreve Island and Broadmoor. If this one is becoming one of those big, family-friendly parades like Mardi-Gras Lite, I don't want it to come past my house anyway.

The Highland Parade is the closest thing Shreveporters have to the Spanish Town Parade in Baton Rouge, known for its political barbs, and the Krewe De Vieux in the French Quarter, a wonderful walking parade early in the season. If Highland Parade becomes just another beadfest for families, I will puke.