Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sontag parade being planned

A caravan composed of mourners in silver and black sedans will convege on Columbia Cafe, corner of King's Hwy and Creswell, in a tribute to the late writer Susan Sontag.

Her books will be distributed free to the indigent by volunteers from the Centenary Book Bazaar. "We've got a warehouse full of pristine copies of her work," said Delia Weyerhauser.

The Land Rover Owners Association (LROA), Movie Critics' Association and Krewe of Apollo will provide a wine & cheese benefit for the hoi-poloi.

Said mayor Keith Hightower, "I've enjoyed reading her essays and novels for years." Matthew Linn, Columbia Cafe owner, rolled his eyes.

While all above is fiction - I claim blogsters' license re keeping things entertaining - the quote below is ... well, I'll let you decide.

The NY Times' Margalit Fox wrote "Through four decades, public response to Ms. Sontag remained irreconcilably divided. She was described, variously, as explosive, anticlimactic, original, derivative, naïve, sophisticated, approachable, aloof, condescending, populist, puritanical, sybaritic, sincere, posturing, ascetic, voluptuary, right-wing, left-wing, profound, superficial, ardent, bloodless, dogmatic, ambivalent, lucid, inscrutable, visceral, reasoned, chilly, effusive, relevant, passé, ambivalent, tenacious, ecstatic, melancholic, humorous, humorless, deadpan, rhapsodic, cantankerous and clever."


Diladu said...

WHEN is Sontag parade???

trudeau said...

Caravans will depart from Old Navy at noon, 3 pm and 6 pm. The indigent have been waiting in the nearby supermarket all morning.

trudeau said...

The NYT quote is verbatim. I've never seen the NYT offer such an over-the-top biographical 'graph.