Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Meadows Museum closed on holidays

A nonpareil collection of paintings of Indochina in the 1930's can be found in the Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport. Call 869-5169 for their limited hours.

Meadows Museum of Art is a Centenary College institution. Therefore they can close over the holidays. And they do.

My friends Diane DuFilho, director, and Kathy Brodnax, manager of collections, are crazy for art and are dedicated to Meadows, which is a jewel. And one of the mitigating aspects of working for a school - they are not getting rich, are they? - is the blessed relief of long holidays. They have parents to care for, they have friends and siblings and a life to lead.

But to close Meadows over the holidays does not make sense. Meadows is more than an adjunct to Centenary College. It is a vivid resource for the educated class of this region. When friends and relatives come to town, a visit to Meadows provides a shining moment in what can seem a dreary town.

To retain the professional class in a town like this requires a team effort. Surely successful Centenary president Ken Schwab and director Diane DuFilho can find a way to keep Meadows open during college holidays.

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