Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eight indie bands on Texas St, corner of McNeil St, Sat, Ap 20: National Record Store Day

Day Old Blues Records and Foxtrot Studios are celebrating National Record Store Day with live music, says James Gilcrease.

Engine (11:15am)
The American Wilderness (12:15pm)
The Bristol Hills (1:00pm)
Victor Olston (1:45pm)
Hwy Lions (2:45pm)
Irene & The Sleepers (3:30pm)
Mawmaw & The Pawpaws (4:30pm)
Ghost Foot (5:15pm)

In terms of record sales, says Gilcrease: "First come, first served. We open at 11am so line up outside whenever you want to. I know this sounds childish and takes you back to grade school but it's the best way I know.

You walk up in one line and tell me or one of the volunteers what albums you want. You can not buy two copies of the same title; one per customer. You then move to the side and sift through the records we just gave you. If you decide you do not want one just hand it back to us. You can check out or look at the rest of the records (new vinyl/preloved), t-shirts, stickers and band merchandise. Buy some stuff, and enjoy the live music. Thanks."

The site is 601 Texas St, the building at the corner of Texas and McNeil half a block from Robinson Film Center.

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