Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Banghra, Bollywood and classic Bharatanatyam dance styles at the AseanaFest, Sat, Ap 27, noon to 3 pm

Featuring the food, costumes and accents of India this year, music and dance at the Aseana Festival will be presented between noon and 3pm, Sat, Ap 27.

"Look for members of the local Indian community, The Port Belly Project and their student group (The Port Belly Futurists) and my new group, Natya Kala Mandalam (myself, Rebecca Prosino, Miranda Miller and Susan) to be dancing banghra, bollywood and classic Bharatanatyam dance styles," says Kathy Fontaine.

"And the food selection," she adds, "will be Amazing!"

Only one small street separates the celebration of Asia from the Texas Ave Maker's Fair; they take place concurrently.


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