Friday, November 02, 2012

Caddo Magnet HS students introduced to classroom extension called Coates Bluff Trail, Shreveport

While trekking Coates Bluff Trail will be enhanced by the advent of colder weather, a visit to the East Shreveport site should be embarked upon as soon as you are able.

The trail is marvelously appealing. It is serene, romantic and well-maintained. The sounds are ethereal.

Admittedly it's a bit buggy at midday on warmer days.

Caddo Magnet HS geography students returned with their first sycamore and cottonwood leaves and pasted them into notebooks. They also began a descriptive essay on the gorgeous woods.

Teachers at Magnet take students to the trail for art projects, photography, poetry and also for studies of flora, fauna and terrain.

Soon members of A Better Shreveport will be expanding the trail. An extension called Coates Bluff LInk is being roughed out on the other bank of the Bayou Pierre slough. It will be wide enough to accomodate bicycles as well as pedestrians.

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