Friday, April 08, 2011

Free bowling for kids? The Dude abides.

The Kids Bowl Free National Bus Tour will be making a stop at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City, LA on Monday, April 11, 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m. to sign up local families to participate in the popular summer program.  Through the program, bowlers ages 18 and under can receive two free games of bowling per day beginning May 30, 2011 and ending September 5, 2011. Last year, the program registered more than 8,000 participants locally and gave away more than 25,000 free games of bowling. Nationally, Kids Bowl Free gave away 1.5 million free games of bowling in 2010. Folks who can't make the Bus Tour stop can sign up using this on-line form.  

While Kids Bowl Free participants are still required to rent bowling shoes, that cost is only $3 per child, and can be offset by purchasing a $20 “shoe pass” that is good for the entire summer. Over the course of the 99-day promotion, that adds up to 198 games of bowling for a total cost of $20 per child, a savings of $1,069 over the course of the summer. Take that, Groupon.

The only potential catch is that free bowling coupons - which must be redeemed by program participants - are e-mailed out on a weekly basis. Families without computer or e-mail access will need to use a public computer in order to receive the coupons.

After all of the free family fun ends on Monday, the regularly-scheduled league bowlers will take the lanes. How do the regulars feel about all of these young whippersnappers getting to bowl free? How about it, Dude?

Lots of points of interest for me, here: an anachronistic pastime staying relevant by not being greedy (2-D movie theaters may want to take notes), 8,000 local kids registering for this program (Flint, Michigan registered 2,000), and just the awesome footage of kids bowling are my top three "likes."

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Social_Robin said...

Thanks for the blog post Chris! We are excited about the Kids Bowl Free Summer Program at Holiday Lanes! Nothing better than seeing kids staying active and having a great time! See ya around Bossier, Robin