Friday, May 16, 2014

Blung-jing, zzzt, do-ong, twee: performers animate a sonic village at 1001 Texas Ave on Fri, May 16 and Sat, May 17, in UnScene performances

Percussion via wood, glass and metal, melody via glass, electronics and voices and creative mayhem is what to expect at UnScene on Fri, May 16 (8 pm and 9 pm) and Sat, May 17, 3 pm to 9 pm. The fantasy village adjacent to Calanthean Temple (nearly across the street from the Municipal Auditorium) was constructed for both rough charm and for sonic exploration.

Delaney Martin, Taylor Lee Shepherd and Ross Harmon, the lead designer-builders, learned how to make a musical village in their home, New Orleans. They've since built similar hives around the world. In Shreveport their ranks were swelled by designers Peter Fetterman, Chris Maes, Joshua October, Jimmy Cousins, John Christopher Martin, James Marks, Michael Futreal, Brett Roberts and Jon Mackey. Additionally, the gathering of materials and building included Srac staff including Josh Porter and Mitch Landry as well as performers such as Brittney Maddox, Nathan Treme and many volunteers. Additional designers were Detroit artist Frank Pahl and New Orlean artist Viktoria.

It represents an exceedingly unusual experiment in art and entertainment. If you miss the opening weekend, be aware that additional performances by a series of cool musicians is being scheduled.

The team from New Orleans, called Airlift, dubbed the village site the "Calanthean Canyon." It is a unique site, which is rare enough in this world.

Highly recommended at 1001 Texas Avenue, Shreveport.

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