Thursday, July 11, 2013

Red River District, Fatty's on Friday, July 12, 10 pm: all ages dance party under the bridge with Rebirth Brass Band

Rebirth Brass Band by gamelaner
Rebirth Brass Band, a photo by gamelaner on Flickr.

New Orleans munk ferchants the Rebirth Brass Band will hit downtown Fri, July 12, at 10 pm, says Chase Boytim.

Outside of Fatty's under the Red River Bridge - parking in the casino garage - a sweaty bunch of jive-jumping fools - all ages - will gather to celebrate a free show by the award-winning roots group.

Remember the year that the Highland Jazz and Blues Fest featured the Rebirth? It was catalystolic.

Afterwards, we recommend the Dirtfoot show at Voodoo Cafe. Dirtfoot is pushing back the time of their performance at Voodoo, Commerce St, so as to accomodate those attending the Rebirth Brass show, says J Bratlie.

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