Friday, July 05, 2013

Documentary by Michele and Jay Carter, This Is Renzi, chosen for annual Lights, Camera, Help Film Festival in Austin, Texas

This Is Renzi film, Shreveport by trudeau
This Is Renzi film, Shreveport, a photo used by trudeau on Flickr.

This is Renzi will appear on August 15, 2013, at the annual Lights, Camera, Help Film Festival in Austin, Texas, says Michele Carter.

It is among 18 films that were “hand-selected for their ability to bring about positive change in the world.” The films will be screened before festival audiences over a three-day period.

Renzi student photo by Michele Carter.

This is Renzi is about the kids and teachers of the Renzi Arts & Education Center in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood. The after-school program serves at-risk youth in the community. The 12-minute film depicts children learning a variety of skills including cooking with a microwave, writing and performing their own poetry, learning to read with the help of comic books and participating in yoga lessons.

“They call these kids ‘at-risk’ but this film proves that if you put them in the right environment, they can really thrive,” says Michele’s husband, Jay Carter, who shot and edited the film. “You can clearly see in the film that the children are surrounded by adults who treat them with love and respect, and they respond well to that.”

The documentary is available to view at Beyond Measure Media is a Shreveport-based video production company specializing in capturing the stories of businesses and nonprofits.

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