Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: In the Heights in Shreveport with Savoy, Gallegos, Gilcrease, Keys, Gerard and Tinsley: performances at MLP Fri-Sat, June 14-15, 7 pm

In the Heights, ACT @ MLP by trudeau
In the Heights, ACT @ MLP, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Six big-voiced, handsome teens were at the center of the energy that radiated throughout the musical In the Heights at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse last Sat night.

Nia Savoy almost stopped the show several times with her booming voice and emotional approach to her role. Yet keeping the production at cue-snapping speed were the voices of Maddison Gilcrease - another possessed of a heart-halting voice - and Thomas Keys - a mister soul-man voice - as well as the pipes of Kaelon Gerard, Meagan Tinsley and Adrian Gallegos.

At the heart of Heights is Daniel Ley's 6-piece orchestra. With both Chris Robinson and Chan Teague on percussion the Latino flavor is well served. Over the keyboards of Ley and Ruben Reyes floated the delicious trumpet of Mike Scarlato.

While Heights told a classic tale of struggle via Spanglish, the choreography by Lauren Ross Wooley supplied the sinew and vibe of the story. Among the dancers - teens in hot mode but not indecently so - were Kellen Hall, Isaiah Jones, Briana Daugherty, Erica Temple, Josh Meyers, Alexis Balbuena and a scene-stealer, Claudia Feliciano.

When high-energy teens have as much training and talent as has this company, the stage lights up with leaping, kicking, city-class entertainment. Hats off to directors Cynthia Whitaker and Wooley of the Academy of Children's Theater and their well-disciplined disciples.

Highly recommended.

$25 / 15
318 869 5242

Photos from Sat night.

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