Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trevarri Huff-Boone and Tchai open show for multi-image Projexorcism at minicine, 846 Texas Ave, on Thurs, Mar 22, 8 pm

Young and gifted saxophonist Tre' Huff-Boone will blow lines inspired by John Coltrane tonight as he reacts to the congas of Tarumbae Ron Hardy, djembe played by Greg Andrews and bass lines by Tchai leader Robert Trudeau.

On the screen will be flicks assembled by Tchai visualist Brian Landry, Jr.

Playing at 8 pm, Tchai opens for Ed Cooper of Houston.

Splaying moving images across every part of minicine, Cooper's multi-projector show, called Projexorcism, inundates viewers in Americana.

The trio John Calvin closes the evening.

846 Texas Ave.
all ages.

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