Sunday, March 18, 2012

Multi-machine image fest: Projexorcism at minicine Thurs, March 22; Tchai opens at 8 pm

"Currently Projexorcism is using a quad 16mm projector array suspended from a lighting pole - the projectors are synchronized with a 4- channel sound-actuated variable speed lighting controller. The projected images are split, inverted and bent using silver reflective CD-R's and Fresnel lenses," says Houston artist Ed Cooper.

Cooper brings his movie array to minicine, 846 Texas Ave, on Th, Mar 22.

Opening at 8 pm with ambient and progressive jazz is Tchai. Hear Tarumbae Ron Hardy on congas, Greg Andrews on djembe, Robert Trudeau on bass and saxophonist Trevarri Huff-Boone on soprano and tenor sax. Tchai guitarist Tracy Chappell is recovering from a broken wrist.

Closing the show is the heavy trio called John Calvin, who refer to themselves on myspace as the Hitleristic Darwinists.

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