Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sonic shoom: Simon Whetham, James Eck Rippie and Peter Fettermanperform avant garde music at The Shop, 2002 Southern Ave, on Wed, Jan25, 7 to 10 pm

Simon Whetham by Marek Chołoniewski
Simon Whetham, a photo by Marek Chołoniewski on Flickr.

Sound Explorations by Simon Whetham, James Eck Rippie, and Peter Fetterman, says minicine, will be presented 7 to 10 pm
at The Shop! , 2002 Southern Avenue, on Wed, Jan 25.

minicine? welcomes back to Shreveport, sound artist Simon Whetham, who recently performed at the MSPS New Music Festival 2011. Whetham (Bristol, UK), is in the country collecting field recordings as part of his ongoing active crossover project .

James Eck Rippie (New Orleans) works primarily with turntables, with a focus on creating abstract sound from classical music recordings utilizing altered needles, turntable feedback, effect pedals, damaged records, etc. In decomposing the original sound source.

Peter Fetterman (Shreveport), elusive and secretive, will meditate on the meaning of life through sound waves.

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