Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ansley Hughes and Super Water Sympathy added to Vans Warped Tour in July on strength of album Vesper Belle

Indie rock singer Ansley Hughes developed her voice on stage with Caddo Magnet High productions - including a much-much-discussed selection from 'Chicago' that you might ask her about - and with the Academy of Children's Theater. Today she is using her training in the indie rock band Super Water Sympathy.

SWS, based in Shreveport, has been named to the Vans Warped Tour to the delight of those who've been won as fans by listening to their debut album, Vesper Belle. Touring taverns in the Deep South has also built a fan base, says Ryan Robinson, as has the "You, Us, Hey" video.

He adds, "Ok well, since everyone else is posting this...Huzzah! My band is playing Warped Tour! 16 Year Old Ryan would have surely burned down a schoolbus at this news, but older Ryan is going to Tacomania."

Hughes as a teen in ACT's Thoroughly Modern Millie.

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