Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SciPort allows visitors to Be The Dinosaur via interactive simulators; exhibit opens Fri, Sept 24

Visitors will have the chance to go beyond looking at dinosaur fossils and have the opportunity - at SciPort - to virtually Be The Dinosaur, says Karen Wissing.

The break-through lies in interactive, technology-driven dinosaur simulators.

Eureka Inquiry-Based Simulation Technology will allow visitors to fully experience dinosaurs in a entirely new way. By using one of the eight available dinosaur simulators, people of all ages will be able to control their Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex in an environment so detailed that digital winds carry virtual odors and photorealistic flora grow and have their own nutritional values.

Hands-on activities led by Sci-Port staff to complement the exhibit will include:
- Fossils Throughout Time
- Design Your Own Dino
- Dig-and-Take Fossil Hunt

Those who grow hungry during the simulated dinosauristics will be able to recharge via a new food source at SciPort: a branch of Counter Culture. The latest outlet of the popular yogurt shop opened Sept 10.

More at Sciport.org.

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