Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Requiescat in pace, Donna W Moore, Shreveport, 1956 - 2010

Artist Donna Waylene Moore has passed away following a severe illness, said Chuck Loridans. A resident of Shreveport, Moore was born in 1956.

The Strand Theater is the site of an enduring collection of her work. In the upper reaches of the walls of the Strand are panels depicting the Muses. Moore was commissioned to paint the images of the Muses during the Strand's renovation.

Moore was an an analytical feminist who was, additionally, a warm and positive presence in the Highland community.

Her art, though, offered a biting critique of America's lack of balance in regards the lives of women. Her images also explored sexuality, sexiness and sexual roles.

She and the late Donna Service(1964 - 2004) created D2, an artistic partnership that resulted in numerous satiric performances and feminist art installations in regional galleries during the 1980's. In a photo shot by Michael G Moore at the SRAC West Edge performances, her sense of humor is well apparent; she is performing in a pirate show dressed in tunic, garters and white hose, sporting a large strap-on beard and swinging a plastic sword.

To make memorial gifts in honor of Donna please contact Mischa Farrell 318-564-1565.

Said Farrell, "We will be planning a suitable all encompassing memorial, however, in the meantime we are trying to hang a very limited engagement show of her paintings at Meadows Museum next week."


Carlos Colon said...

Donna was a dear friend.

Carlos Colon

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken that Donna is no longer with us. She was an inspiring amazingly strong person. I will miss her forever.