Friday, February 05, 2010

Look for the Fleur de Lis: topical tune by Kathryn Hobgood Ray and the Sham Rockers, New Orleans

From former Shreveporter Katy Hobgood Ray and friends comes a tuneful Celtic piece called "Look for the Fleur de Lis." Here tis on Youtube.

When Sir Bienville found the spot to start a colony/ He impaled a flag at the crescent bend on the Mississippi/ And what were the words Bienville wrote informing the Company?/ The very same Sean Payton said to a kicker named Garrett Hartley./

Look for the Fleur de Lis! Look for the Fleur de Lis!/ That sign is our goal, the sign of our soul/ Look for the Fleur de Lis!/

Once you've been to New Orleans, you know its worth fighting for/ Such joy you'll feel to be alive -- your heart cries out for more/ We wear our hearts upon our sleeves for all the world to see/ Sewn on our flags, tattooed on our flesh, the mighty fleur de lis/

Notes the singer, "We were at a little studio uptown owned by the local band Chef Menteur... there were 4 guitars, a banjo, mandolin, beer bottles and various percussion, snare, bass, and me on fiddle. It happened fast! Oh, and Johnny Wessler's niece Lauren, a rollergirl here, is my fellow singer. "

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