Friday, August 28, 2009

Swedish sister trio called Baskery joining Dirtfoot at the Warehouse on Sat, Sept 12

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"You should come to our show on Sep 12 at the Warehouse. We're bringing in a 3 sister group from Sweden called Baskery. They play a weird americana thing, with guitar, a distorted slide banjo and upright bass, along with 3 part harmonies that only sisters can pull off. They are very high energy and raucous, almost the swedish girl version of Dirtfoot," writes J Bratlie of Dirtfoot.

More at and
In fact, their tour schedule lists
Sep 11 2009 Stonewall, Louisiana, USA The Rustic Cowboy
Sep 12 2009 Shreveport, Louisiana, USA The Warehouse (with Dirtfoot)

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