Saturday, August 15, 2009

Highly recommended: Spike Lee's movie Do the Right Thing, 20 years later

Director Spike Lee at TIFF08
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Went to Robinson Film Center to catch Do the Right Thing, the Spike Lee movie about one day in Brooklyn, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, when the heat overcomes better sense.

It remains an enormously well-made movie about racism as well as about community dynamics. Not that one side or the other gets the entire praise or the blame. Do the Right Thing shows America at our best and worst. And it's a sort of ballsy variation on the West Side Story.

"If you weren't there last night," says Kristi Woodard, "there are still 2 chances to see it!

Sat @ 5pm
Sun @ 2:45 pm.

We'll be in the smaller theater tonight," adds Woodard, "so get your tickets early (online or go to the kiosk in the lobby before the box office opens). And if you get there early, go upstairs get a drink or snack at Abbey Singer's Bistro (it's really nice)."
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