Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tyler Krieg: hardest working teen in local show business at Thespian Fest in Lincoln, Neb

Tyler Krieg
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"This week Tyler is in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the annual Thespian Festival with the other students in Caddo Parish's Talented and Arts Program," says Tyler's father, Fred Krieg. "Until his final performance of Lady & the Tramp, Tyler has, literally, never been idle--he has continuously been in rehearsals or performances."

"It has been nonstop since his first endeavor as Patrick Dennis -- in "Mame" at MLP (that was 2001 or 02). On occasion he's been involved in three productions at one time...often two. But he absolutely loves acting. To get an idea of his busy activity check out his roles at"

Krieg is a rare talent: he can sing, act and somehow excel in his studies at Caddo Magnet High. He can also play guitar and lead a band: when he was a first-year at CMHS he had a trio called The Escape and their versions of Green Day songs rocked a gym full of listeners.

You'll notice that he's savvy about communications, too, when you see his web site. Sad to say, many actors in this region seem to be unaware of the importance of having a personal site with credits and photos. Krieg (means lightning in German) is from the new generation, and in several ways he's showing local show biz types how to project.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler is a great actor and a real joy to work with. He is always very professional and comes ready to work. I wish I could say the same for all young performers. He has extremely supportive parents and I commend them for that. Congratulations Tyler!

Patrick Kirton