Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Guitar Center coming to Youree Drive, says Don Teach of Shreveport Music; what does an indie music store do to survive the competition wielded by a national chain?

"Yes, it's official that Guitar Center is opening on Youree in Feb. I have their sales flyers," says Don Teach of Shreveport Music.

"My prices are lower and my service is better. They will have a lot of advertising and make you think they are really doing something special. They are not."

"They approached me several months back to rent my building for the store. I thought long and hard but I just do not think they are going to last more than a couple of more years," says the long-time purveyor of instruments.

"Do a search on the internet for Guitar Center Financials. The financials are horrible and have been given a junk bond rating. With the overall music business going downhill over the past four years nationwide I just don't see it as a positive move."

"So yes, I am having the sale of sales trying to reduce inventory to move. When real estate people learned I was thinking of renting to GC, more offers came for my building and one was really too good to pass up."

"Buy cheap now. Am I closing? That is the number one question. I really do not have a plan to close. But then I do not have a place to move. Only time will tell what I will do with this business, so while I am in the mood to sell off inventory - make no mistake, this is the store to come to for a smoking hot deal. I have already sold off all but one piano and if someone wants a super nice Yamaha Studio piano for a low price then come on in."

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