Saturday, August 29, 2015

Quick service, low prices, juiciness and spices at newly opened Ki Mexico, 3839 Gilbert, Shreveport

Ki Mexico, Shreveport

Ki Mexico was crowded on Sat night, opening week, but the chicken, pulled pork and shrimp tacos and rice & beans were as juicy as they are at Farmer's Market, at Great Raft Brewery and at Maker's Fair. And the spices we've come to crave quietly exploded from within the tacos.

Another happiness: Great Raft beer on tap.

A new restaurant always has adjustment issues. The one apparent to us on Sat was about the crowd that develops at the door. Customers are not sure how to make a line. Quite a few people are not sure what to order.

But we found the staff friendly (thanks, Dustin), ready to help and quick.

Things will get smoother with each day, we are sure.

Sofia says they are taking off Sun, Aug 30, but next Sat and Sun they will cook from lunch, 11 am, through supper, 10 pm. And will be open next Sun 10 am to 5 pm.

Tues, Wed: 11 am to 9pm, Th - Sat: 11 am to 10 pm.
3839 Gilbert Dr
(318) 861-5941
(318) 564-6651

Rodrigo will soon get a bike rack, we were told. For the moment, we found the street signs along the sidewalk amenable bike anchors.

Ki Mexico, Shreveport

Ki Mexico, Shreveport

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