Monday, August 12, 2013

Louisiana Film Prize delivers its first bawling newborn, the Music Prize; competition night is Thurs, Oct 3, Voodoo Cafe

"You asked for it, and you got it!" says Team Music Prize. "We are kicking off the Louisiana Film Prize with an amazing mashup of live music, filmmakers, and you! 4-5 bands will compete for $2,500 and a $13,000 recording session with Blade Studios."

The Music Prize will take place on Thurs, October 3, Voodoo Café, 8pm-1am.

The evening of the Music Prize will consist of 4-5 bands that will be curated by Chris Riemenschneider , the nationally-renowned critic of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. These bands (who will play in the order of a pre-show lottery) will perform one 30-minute set and compete for the Music Prize.

This year, the Music Prize judges will be the soon-to-be-famous Top 20 filmmakers of the Louisiana Film Prize.

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